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Friday, August 10, 2012

Mysteries of the Rosary - What the First Decades Have in Common

mysteries of the rosary
Mysteries of the Rosary - image by fradaveccs via flickr
A couple of months ago, I discovered something common that cuts across all 4 Mysteries of the Rosary. Specifically, it was something that is common to all the First Decades of each Mystery of the Rosary.

I realized that each one of the First Decades of the Rosary Mysteries were anxious moments. Here's what I see...

The Annunciation - 1st Decade of the Joyful Mysteries
This one is so easy to spot, especially since we have been ingrained in catechism class and other Catholic Bible studies you may have attended. Put yourself in Mother Mary's shoe. She has dedicated herself to be a consecrated virgin although she is betrothed. She's anxious about breaking her vow to God to remain a virgin and now has to become pregnant. And the Archangel Gabriel assures her that God has a way, whereby she can be pregnant and still remain a virgin.
That's not all. Now she's pregnant and still not married to Joseph. What will the neighbors think. Will the tongues start wagging. Despite such nagging anxiety, Mary said the meekest Yes, that rattled Hell.
 What about in Heaven. Except for the Holy Trinity, who knew how it would play out, the angels too must have waited with bated breath for Mary to give her answer.

The Agony in the Garden - 1st Decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries
The word "agony" is the giveaway that this event in the Passion of the Christ, was an extremely anxious moment for our Lord. How can we tell? It was so traumatic that Jesus actually dripped blood from His sweat glands.

The Resurrection of Jesus - 1st Decade of the Glorious Mysteries
Would you believe that such a glorious event could be anxiety producing? In this case, there was one person who was traumatized by Jesus' missing body. Mary Magdalene was among the first women on Easter Sunday to find an empty tomb. She was filled so much anxiety that she didn't recognize Jesus and asked him where her Lord's body was taken to.

The Baptism of Jesus - 1st Decade of the Luminous Mysteries
Guess who was anxious here? It wasn't Jesus but John the Baptist. John was uncomfortable that he would be baptizing Jesus and protested that it should be the other way around. Of Jesus insisted and I guess John's anxiety and discomfort would have evaporated the moment he heard the Father's voice acknowledging that he did the right thing.

What do you think? Do you have your own take on these? Use the comment box below.