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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catholic Colleges - Which Are The Best

Catholic Colleges - image by Tim Green via flickr
I'm sure with all the controversy among Catholic Colleges, many parents are wondering which are the top or best Catholic Colleges to send their kids to, so that they get a good Catholic education.

It's important where you get such a list from. According to a list of top universities in the US, 6 Catholic colleges made it to this list.

Forbes magazine has issued its annual U.S. college and university rankings. Six Catholic schools made it into the top 100 out of the 650 schools listed this year.

The colleges listed in the top 100 are University of Notre Dame,  No. 12; Boston College, No. 26; Georgetown University, No. 38; College of the Holy Cross, No. 41; University of Santa Clara, No. 72; and Villanova University,  No. 83.
If you want to be certain of the Catholic credentials of a Catholic college, you shouldn't rely too much on Forbes, which after all is a secular publication and need not necessarily be loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. See what they use to evaluate the colleges on their list.

The list “focuses on educational outcomes, not reputations.” Forbes also looks at the best bang for the undergraduate buck.
If you want a list of good Catholic colleges to send your kids to, look to the Cardinal Newman Society, who produce their own list of top Catholic Colleges in the US annually.

This is what the CNS says about the Catholic colleges on Forbes' top 100 list.

None of these would score very high on a test for Catholic identity, and some (especially Boston, Georgetown, Holy Cross, and Santa Clara) would score very low.
Watch the video for the list from a recent publication...

Check out the list produced by the Cardinal Newman Society here - http://www.thenewmanguide.com.