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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pray Without Ceasing

For Catholic worldwide, this Sunday's readings were:

  • Genesis 18:20-32
  • Psalms 138:1-3,6-8
  • Colossians 2:12-14
  • Luke 11:1-13
These readings were teaching us to pray and to pray without ceasing. It's not the Church that tells us to pray, but God Himself. God is delighted that we seek him rather than a golden calf or relying on ourselves solely.

I guess, we are all experts in this area. Which Christian doesn't know how to ask God for something. But some Christians believe we shouldn't bother God with the small things and therefore only ask God the big, hairy audacious stuff. They think that God is too big for the small, mundane things.

That's not what God is teaching through these readings.

Now, for Christian Catholics, we not only bug God, but also the Saints in Heaven with our petitions. Often too, we ask other Catholics, still living on Earth to pray for us. Lest they forget, we will remind them to continue praying for us, lest they forget. 

One of the Saints, who most of us would ask for their intercession is Mother Mary. She's the one who the Church teaches has a special power to move God, the same way Abraham did in trying to save Lot. 

So day in, day out, we will ask all the Saints, over and over to bring out petitions to the Almighty.

This made me think, if the Saints in Heaven also are continuously bringing our repeated petitions to God for Him to answer.

This is what I think, at least about Mother Mary. I think that she only needs to submit our prayer requests just once to God. There's no need for her to remind God, as if he has the memory of a mortal. I base this theory on the Scripture verses about the wedding in Cana. Here, Mary just told Jesus once about the problem the family had. In fact, notice that Mary didn't tell Jesus what the solution had to be. She just conveyed the problem and Jesus decided to act in the way he deemed fit for the moment.

My guess is this is what happens, whenever we ask Mary and the Saints for their help. They just submit the request to God once.

So then why should we pray without ceasing? Is once just enough?

Well, the case is different for us mortals on this side of Heaven. We pray to bring about some change. But whatever we pray for, at the end of the day, prayer brings change to ourselves as well. The more we pray for something, either we will eventually decide it was a frivolous request or we may modify the request so that the outcome is to glorify God and just for our benefit.

In Heaven, as everyone there is already perfect, unceasing prayer will not change them one bit. So what does Revelation indicate about the unceasing prayers of the Saints? 

The Saints don't just submit requests. The bulk of the time (however, that's measured there), is spent praising and worshiping God. 

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What's your take on this?