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Monday, July 16, 2012

Roman Catholic Christian - Evolution of a Roman Catholic Website

In 2007, I started a blog that I titled, Roman Catholic Info. I set it up basically to pen down my thoughts and feelings about news, events and tidbits related to the Roman Catholic religion.
Evolution. Image by r.j.wagner via Flicker

I believe I had created a few hundred posts and one day, for some stupid reason, I uploaded a auto-blogging plugin that caused the site to be completely delisted by Google.

At this stage, like many people, I should be cursing Google. I did in fact curse Google as the Big Bad G.

However, it was entirely my fault. The guy I bought the plugin from, promised that with this super duper plugin, I would be able to monetize my blog and therefore make a good living.

Gradually, I found out to my horror, that the blog I had built with so much love, died a fast death. In a nut shell it was my fault rather than Google's. Should I even blame the internet guru who sold the plugin to me? Or should I rightfully blame it on my greed?

I decided to just ditch the domain name and forget about blogging on Catholic issues. That was in January 2012 that I snuffed out my blog. I guess the moral of the story is that acting on greed eventually will make you lose the actual goal you're after.

Greed comes from a deep rooted belief when we look at the world through a lens that points out that everything is in scare supply. Therefore, in order to lose out, we rush into things without proper due diligence.However, if we but take some time a view things the way God does - everything is in abundance, there's no need to rush, but just have the virtue of patience. And you need tp s[end a lot of quality time with God in order to achieve this level. Of course,  you know that the quality time I refer to here is via prayer.

Here we are in July 2012, am I reviving my interest in discussing about Roman Catholic issues - at least what I think are issues - random stuff that are roiling in my mind. :)

As much as I titled this post as the evolution os a Roman Catholic website, this will still be my opinionated thoughts.

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