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Friday, July 20, 2012

Marriage Equality - Wishful Thinking

Is Marriage Equality Real? Imgae by Larry1732 via Flcker
The Defense of Marriage Act was enacted in 1996 by the Clinton administration and not all marriages are equal. A marriage was defined as a union between a man and a woman.

DOMA was killed in 2011 by the Obama administration.

Clinton and key legislators have changed their views and advocated DOMA's repeal.

Makes sense - you have to destroy the law that states that there is no such thing as marriage equality. Then you can create any other marriage equality law you want to get the votes you need to remain President for another four years.

Those in favor of continued enforcement of DOMA say that this is the way God intended. If you don't believe in God, then of course you will ditch such thinking as bigotry. There are millions who claim belief in God (who is worshipped in various forms) and claim that God is not a bigot and you can marry anyone to anything too.

Anything can be inanimate objects...

The woman who married the Eiffel Tower.

... and even your pet dog...

Joseph Guiso, 20, married his 5-year-old golden Labrador Retriever named "Honey" in an elaborate wedding ceremony at a park in Toowoomba.

Let's just leave politics and religion aside and examine if sane-sex marriage can be equal to opposite sex marriage. In fact one guy decided to do just that. Last month Dr. Mark Regnerus of the Population Research Center of the University of Texas in Austin, published his findings.

His study graphically illustrates the differences between different types of same sex families against intact traditional families in terms of the impact on children.

The widely circulated claim that same-sex families are “no different” from intact, heterosexual families is not settled science. New studies suggest that children do best when they are raised by their biological parents in a stable, intact marriage.

Regnerus et al actually show that the best environment to develop a child is an intact marriage between a man and a woman. The benefits for a child in such a marriage are:

  • highest employment potential
  • lowest substance abuse
  • lowest criminal behavior
  • lowest sexual abuse
  • lowest mental conditions
  • highest relationship quality
Click to watch the animation on Regnerus' study...
Source: pinerly.com via James on Pinterest

With such data, you would presume everybody would be silenced. In fact Regnerus is being assailed by the LGBT segment...

The author of a new study showing some negative outcomes for young adults whose parents had same-sex relationships is under attack because his findings conflict with what, in some corners, has become conventional wisdom.
My advise to the LGBT group is to do your own study and disprove Regnerus et al. That's the way science works. It's ironic that the LGBT group attack the Church for being unscientific but they themselves don't don't understand how scientific studies work.

Here's a shocker - the paragon of liberal thinking, the New York Times, had in June 2012 reported that,

Estimates vary widely, but scholars have said that changes in marriage patterns — as opposed to changes in individual earnings — may account for as much as 40 percent of the growth in certain measures of inequality. Long a nation of economic extremes, the United States is also becoming a society of family haves and family have-nots, with marriage and its rewards evermore confined to the fortunate classes.
Here's the above article's headline paraphrased by another publication...

Shorter front page Sunday New York Times: Married mothers do better financially than single mothers.
When the NYT publishes reports that disturb the comfort zone of LGBT people, then you know that everything's not fine at the Western Front.

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