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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christian Workout - Is It Holier?

Christian Workout - image by lululemon athelica via flicker
Have you ever wondered what on earth is a Christian workout?

Is it about the attire you wear when you workout? If you wander into a gym you'll soon realize that most of the women show too much skin. No it's not the clothes.

Although there's such a thing as pole dancing for Jesus, I'm not referring to it.

The women in the Pole Fitness For Jesus class strut in high heels and body roll to uplifting Christian music — not because they’re trying to be sexy, mind you, but because they are honoring their body as a temple. “God gives us these bodies and they are suppose to be our temples and we are suppose to take care of them and that’s what we are doing,” explained Crystal Dean, a pole-dancing instructor, who rightfully points out that judging others for pole dancing is not very Christian.

 It also has nothing to do with the music you listen to while exercising.

Music is important to many people. It can pick you up when you're feeling down, motivate you when you need a little push, and inspire you to go the extra mile during a workout. We love to share our favoriate workout music list suggestions here on dailySpark, and we frequently receive requests for Christian exercise music. So I've compiled a list of my top 100 Christian workout songs.
 So what exactly makes a workout Christian?

This morning I learnt that a Christian workout is dependent on the motive of your workout? Are you working out to look good for yourself so others gawk at you? Or do you exercise because commanded you?

Wow, was that heavy - that God commanded you to be fit? Most of us have no clue that God wants us to be fit physically. Where did I get such an idea from?

The BIble points out that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Most Christians are familiar with this, so we don't smoke or drunk. We also know we shouldn't be gluttons but most of us never linked being flabby to disrespecting the temple of the Holy Spirit. The essence of a Christian workout is that it transforms our bodies to become stronger and more beautiful we imitate Christ who was the the incarnation of perfect strength, endurance and beauty.

I found this book by Dr. Kevin Vost, who is a psychologist and... drum roll please... a bodybuilder - Fit for Eternal Life.

In his book he explains the basic principles of strength training and cardiac fitness in a way you can understand (even if you haven't been in a gym for years -- or ever). He then helps you build an effective, personalized workout program that can be performed in as little as twenty minutes per week. 

This is what you will discover in the book:
  • simple dietary tips without filling up on supplements or counting carbs
  •  how to incorporate prayer into your workouts
  • how to achieve strngth and vigor 
  • how to defeat gluttony and eat a balanced nutritious diet
  • how to develop a safe and simple fitness regimen and have time for yourself.
 This book is suitable for men and women and whatever your age. Oh yes, it should also work, even if you're not baptized. :)

 Click this link to get a copy on Amazon... Fit For Eternal Life.