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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Assumption of Virgin Mary

During the sermon today, our parish priest told us the story of his RCIA facilitator's experience attending a Protestant meeting in the 60s. The facilitator was a 18-year old.

That was the time when there no detente between the Protestants and Catholics.

During the meeting, the Pastor started berating Catholic theology and insulting Mother Mary. He said that she was a mere simpleton who the wayward Catholic Church elevated to the lofty position of Mother of God.

After a while, he asked members of the congregation to come up and say their piece. Several of them went up one after the other. The all parroted the Pastor by condemning Mother Mary.

Eventually, this RCIA facilitator raised his hand for permission to speak and the Pastor invited him up, not knowing he was Catholic.

The RCIA facilitator went up and said that he was an 18 year old boy and the person he loved the most in the world was his mother. He acknowledged his love for his mother because of how she looked after him. He then said that if anyone were to deride his mother, the congregation had done to Jesus' mother, he would kill the person. And he walked away...

Our parish priest didn't mention what the reaction of the congregation was.

There are some lessons from the story, that I see.

1. Protestants say they were right in forming their respective churches, because the Catholic Church became corrupted and was teaching wrongs as opposed to truths. It always surprises me that Protestants haven't figured out that each time they repeat such things, they are effectively saying that they praise and worship a liar. They don't seem to understand that the guy they pray to is not trustworthy!

How can they believe and trust in a Trinity that can't even be truthful. One of their members said that He would be with the Church and the gates of hell will not prevail until the end of time.

Protestants claim that the Catholic Church meandered, means that Jesus lied because He didn't guide the Popes and Magisterium and the Holy Spirit was on extended leave and returned during the Reformation?

If these Two Persons of the Trinity did this to the Catholic Church, what guarantee is there that they won't repeat their shenanigans and abandon them too?

2. I'm always amused that almost all Protestants love their mothers and take pride in reciting the Commandment that says honor your mother and father and in the same breath they insult their Saviour's mother. As if this is going to make Him leap and do cartwheels.

Can anyone gain brownie points by telling their boss that he admires the boss so much but thinks the boss' mother is an uncouth person?

I guess at the end of the day, we can only say the prayer Jesus said on the cross - "Forgive them Father, they know not what they do."