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Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Raise Good Catholic Children

how to raise good catholic children
Good Children
image by Tela Chhe via Flickr
If you're a Catholic parent, have you ever wondered how to raise good kids?

If you have, you may have searched Google or Amazon or your neighborhood bookstore for a title. You would have picked one up and you would have read some baffling advise from the author who has a PhD in Child Psychiatry. That's the problem with the modern science (or pseudo science some people say it is) called psychiatry.

After reading such books you'll end up believing that your parents should never been allowed to have kids, because they brought you up bad, according to the modern author's philosophy.

Actually you can always pick up a good Catholic book written by a real parent. In fact, Mrs. Mary Reed Newland, a mother of 7 children wrote such a book that was republished in 2004 by Sophia Institute Press.

The book, titled "How to Raise Good Catholic Children" was originally published fifty years ago. So you can imagine how solid her advise would be in this 336 page book, that is not adulterated by modern wimpy advise.

Here's what one modern reader says...

Every Catholic family should have a copy of this book in their family library!

Because the advise is based on experience and not theory, Newland gives actual examples to guide parents.

It is full of wonderful insights and examples.
Here's what you will discover from the timeless insight from Mary Reed Newland:

  • Genuine love of the Rosary
  • A sense of the dignity of work
  • Devotion to Mary and the saints
  • A proper love for the love of the things of this world and the things of Heaven
  • Attentiveness at Mass
  • Love for the Eucharist
  • An understanding and love for purity
  • The ability to make good Confessions
  • and much more.

Get your personal copy from Amazon by clicking the image below...